Mission Statement
We strive to provide a very comprehensive services to the surgical and medical management of patients with benign and malignant diseases involving the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, pancreas, and the esophagus.
Who we are
We have comprised a team of highly trained surgeons, gastroenterologist, oncologist and interventional radiologist who have gained their expertise in treating these difficult disease by their interest and specialised fellowship training. Our comprehensive program consist of a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of complex diseases.
What we do
Our Surgical Oncology Program is led by Dr. Prashant Sukharamwala, who have consistently provided successful outcomes for patients with Liver Pancreas and Foregut cancers. We strive hard to make sure you get a excellent treatment and our volume and experience has lead to a very low complication rate and better outcome.
Why us?
Dr. Prashant Sukharamwala brings in his years of experience with complex cancers of liver pancreas and esophagus. We have success rates comparable to Mayo and Cleveland clinic. We have the most minimally invasive approach to the surgical treatment of this disorders. Most of the surgeries are performed using single incision laparoscopy compared to traditional 5-6 port laparoscopy.
our blogs
Pancreatic Cancer   The pancreas The pancreas is part of the digestive system. It produces enzymes, which break down food so it can be absorbed and used by the body. It is a long, irregular shaped gland about 13–15cm long that lies between your stomach and spine... more
What Our Patients Say's
Dr. Sukharam was a very humble surgeon in the team. He dedicated a lot of time and treated me with compassion. He rounded... more

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