Second opinion

You are most welcome to come to our office for second opinion. We understand,  you may not be  satisfied with the opinion you may have received from your surgeon or oncologist. After all its about your health. Nobody likes to take a chance. Due to a limited number of surgeons performing the   Liver, Pancreas and Foregut surgery, and having done two years of Fellowship in Advanced GI and HPB surgery including robotic Surgery, Dr. Sukharamwala is very comfortable in giving you the honest and realistic opinion on treatment of difficult cancers. After all it's all about keeping the Hopes and fighting till you succeed. Dr. Sukharamwala applies his optimistic approach in treatment of your cancer, helping you cruise through each and every step in your treatment. Dr. Sukharamwala never signs off on your treatment. Please feel free to see us for a second opinion. It never hurts to seek one and will always increase your understanding of your disease process.


Please call us today at (813) 879-5010  to schedule an appointment at a location nearest to you.